Here is a collection of our favourite links.
Of course this includes our wonderful web-based resources available for you all to use,
also many of the resources available out there for Mass Spectral analysis,
Databases we regularly use, network analysis software, as well as some fun links.
useful links The Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression The College of Life Sciences The Lamond Lab The Protein Frequency Library The Nucleolar Online Proteomics Database The University of Dundee Peptracker The Cell Biologist's Guide to Proteomics Mascot MS Search Engine The Mann Lab Mass Spectrometry Tutorial- Leeds University Protein Prospector ABRF Delta Mass MaxQuant Kinase Phos MS software Uniprot Bioinformatic Harvester HUman Proteome Organisation ExPASy String Pathway Analysis PDBsum Protein Structure Database Absolute protein Quantitation across Species Database Pubmed Publications database Wikipedia Uncyclopedia Eureka's Facebook Page Gizmag The Wellcome Trust Tree of Life The Scientific Axolotl AIL Lab Facebook Page Merlin David Attenborough